Fun Play Ideas For Siblings

In honour of National Siblings Day, we’ve got some smart game ideas for kids that will (hopefully) stop any sibling arguments over who’s turn it is to play! But first…

What is National Siblings Day?

Held every year on the 10th April, National Siblings Day seeks to celebrate siblings everywhere! Although they might be irritating a majority of the time, some say that siblings are a great gift and should be celebrated. It’s time to grab your brothers and sisters and hug them!

Now, let’s have a look at what games are sure to keep your kids entertained for hours on end and avoid any squabbles.

Top Activities for Siblings

Animal Shut The Box Game

Two players are better than one, right? The Bigjigs Toys Animal Shut The Box challenges youngsters of all ages to race their opponent to the finish line. Players take it in turns to spin the dial and land on all 8 of their animals. The first to fling down all of their animals down wins! This Shut The Box Game is constructed from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. This gives it a long life span and is more environmentally friendly.

Noughts and Crosses Game

There’s no need for the “Mum, are we there yet?”, as our travel-sized Mini Noughts and Crosses game is ideal for when you’re on the go. Youngsters take turns to place their O or X in the box. The first one to get all three of their shapes in a row wins! Little hands will love the big pieces as they’re easy to grip. The wood used is high quality and responsibly sourced so it can endure hours (and years) of play!

Crazy Golf Set

Move over Tiger Woods, there are some new professional golfers on the block! Our Kids Crazy Golf Set comes with an array of cool obstacles as well as child-sized wooden golf clubs, mini golf balls, and score sheets to keep track of the winner. With plenty of items in the set, there’ll be no arguments over who gets to swing and putt! We love that this Crazy Golf Set encourages active play and aids children’s dexterity and hand/eye coordination skills. Suitable for ages 3+!

Tumbling Teddies

Who will be the first to make the bears honey pot come tumbling down?! Siblings can take it in turns to build their teddies up on each wooden ring with our playful Tumbling Teddies set. Simply roll the dice to unveil a colour and take the bears off one at a time until they all come tumbling down! This wooden toy set is made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials so can endure lots of teddy falls.

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